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Parking In Sofia

Short-term parking

Sofia has two paid parking zones that cover the entire city center, the Blue and the Green Zone. Road signs will indicate whether you’re in a paid parking zone.

Road sign marking the green paid zone in Sofia
Road sign in the Green Zone


  • Maximum duration of parking: 2 (two) hours
  • Price: 2 BGN per hour
  • Paid hours: between 08:30 and 19:30 on weekdays and between 08:30 and 18:00 on Saturdays

The Blue Zone covers the inner downtown of Sofia. It is surrounded by boulevards Hristo Botev, Todor Aleksandrov, Knyaz Al. Dondukov, Vasil Levski and Gen. M. D. Skobelev (BG: бул. Христо Ботев, бул. Тодор Александров, бул. Княз Ал. Дондуков, бул. Васил Левски, бул. Ген. М. Д. Скобелев).

Please note that parking places along both sides of the bordering boulevards are part of the Blue Zone.

The map of paid parking zones in Sofia, Bulgaria
The map of paid parking zones in Sofia (click to enlarge). Source: Sofia Urban Mobility Centre


  • Maximum duration of parking: 4 (four) hours
  • Price: 1 BGN per hour
  • Paid hours: only weekdays, between 08:30 and 19:30

The Green Zone is surrounded by the following boulevards and streets: Knyaginya Maria Luiza blvd., Belogradchik str., Veslets str. Klokotnitsa str., Budapest str., Kozloduy str., Konstantin Stoilov str., Gen. Danail Nikolaev blvd., Sitnyakovo blvd., Mihai Eminescu blvd., Tsarigradsko shose blvd., Evlogi i Hristo Georgievi blvd., Dragan Tsankov blvd., Mitropolit Kiril Vidinski str., Yosif Petrov str., Velchova zavera sq., Stoyan Mihaylovski str., Peyo Yavorov blvd., Nikola Y. Vaptsarov blvd., Atanas Dukov str., Lyuba Velichkova str., Srebarna str., Henrik Ibsen str., Kozyak str. Sv. Osiy Kordobski str., Sv. Atanasiy Veliki str., Kozyak str., Sveta Troitsa str., Nikola Obrazopisov str., Episkop Protogen str., the boundary of the South Park, Arsenalski blvd., Cherni vrah blvd., Bulgaria blvd., Pencho Slaveykov blvd., Vitosha blvd./to Byala cherkva str. and back to Bulgaria blvd./, Bulgaria blvd., Akademik Ivan E. Geshov blvd., Han Presiyan str., Zdrave str., Pencho Slaveykov blvd., Sv. Georgi Sofiyski blvd., Akademic Ivan E. Geshov blvd., Gen. Edward I. Totleben blvd., Joakim Kurchovski str., Kamen Andreev str., Ohridsko ezero str., Gyueshevo str., Inzh. Ivan Ivanov blvd., Al. Stamboliyski blvd., Dimitar Petkov str./to Dr. Kalinkov str. and back /, Al. Stamboliyski blvd., Konstantin Velichkov blvd., Slivnitsa blvd., Opalchenska str.

(BG: бул. Княгиня Мария Луиза, ул. Белоградчик, ул. Веслец, ул. Клокотница, ул. Будапеща, ул. Козлодуй, ул. Константин Стоилов, бул. Ген. Данаил Николаев, бул. Ситняково, бул. Михай Еминеску, бул. Шипченски проход, ул. Акад. Людмил Стоянов, бул. Цариградско шосе, бул. Евлоги и Христо Георгиеви, бул. Драган Цанков, ул. Митрополит Кирил Видински, ул. Йосиф Петров, пл. Велчова завера, ул. Стоян Михайловски, бул. Пейо Яворов, бул. Никола Й. Вапцаров. ул. Атанас Дуков, ул. Люба Величкова. ул. Сребърна, ул. Хенрих Ибсен, ул. Козяк, ул. Св. Осий Кордобски, ул. Св. Атанасий Велики, ул. Козяк, ул. Света Троица, ул. Никола Образописов, ул. Епископ Протоген, граница на Южен Парк, бул. Арсеналски, ул. Бяла Черква, бул. Петко Ю. Тодоров, бул. Академик Иван Е. Гешов, бул. Ген. Едуард И.Тотлебен. ул. Йоаким Кърчовски, ул. Камен Андреев, ул. Охридско езеро, ул. Гюешево, бул. Инж. Иван Иванов, бул. Ал. Стамболийски, ул. Димитър Петков/до ул. Д-р Калинков и обратно, бул. Ал. Стамболийски, бул. Константин Величков, бул. Сливница, ул. Опълченска)

Parking places along both sides of the bordering boulevards are part of the Green Zone.

Be aware that the short-term paid parking zones are only available for vehicles with a maximum weight of 2.5 t and up to 12 passengers’ seats.

How to pay for parking

Paying with a coupon/voucher

The easiest way of payment is to use prepaid parking vouchers. These can be bought directly from the parking inspectors, from the ticket offices of Urban Mobility Centre and other retailers. Before placing the voucher to a visible place inside the windshield, you’ll need to mark it by scratching the appropriate fields for the parking zone, date and starting time of your parking. Inspectors are easy to recognize as they are wearing visibility vests but it might take several minutes until one of them comes to your car.

There are three voucher types available:

  • 0.5 BGN: can be used for ½ hour of parking in the Green Zone
  • 1 BGN: can be used for either 1 hour of parking in the Green Zone or for ½ hour of parking in the Blue Zone
  • 2 BGN: can be used for either 2 hours of parking in the Green Zone or for 1 hour of parking in the Blue Zone
The Sofia parking coupon or voucher explained
The Sofia parking voucher explained

Paying via an app

Parking in Sofia can be paid by card using the smartphone app called Urbo Parking. You can either log in with your Facebook account or after registration with your email address. Urbo Parking is available for Android and iOS.

Screenshot from the Urbo parking app

According to Urban Mobility Centre and the road signs, payment via SMS is only available for the customers of Bulgarian mobile phone operators.

Always check if you’re in a paid zone before leaving your car on the street. Cars that are parked without paying can get wheel clamped or towed away. In case you get in such situation, call 0700 13 233 for information. The costs of towing or removing the clamp must be paid by the owner of the vehicle and the car can be retained until the payment has been made.

Long-term parking

Many hotels offer on-site parking in their own garage or parking lot which is definitely the most convenient method to secure your car in Sofia.

If your accommodation doesn’t provide a parking spot, there are long-term private parking services available in and around the city center that usually have both hourly and daily fees.

Another option is to park your car outside the Green Zone for free. However, it is less safe to leave your car unattended in the outskirts for days.

More information about parking in Sofia can be found on Sofia Urban Mobility Centre’s website.