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The 5 Largest Beaches In Bulgaria

Last updated on 8 October 2021

The Bulgarian Black Sea coast is famous for its long, sandy beaches. Let’s see the five largest of them all.

1. Shkorpilovtsi

Shkorpilovtsi beach, Bulgaria
The beach of Shkorpilovtsi. Source: BalconDelMundo

It may be surprising, but Bulgaria’s largest beach doesn’t belong to any of the famous, well-developed seaside resorts, but a small village called Shkorpilovtsi. The beach extends for more than 10 km and is dotted with beautiful sand dunes. The village (and resort) itself can be found next to the southern part of the beach where there are hotels, restaurants and all kinds of beach entertainment. As the coastline is straight, uninterrupted waves and winds make Shkorpilovtsi one of the best beaches for surfing, windsurfing and kiting in Bulgaria.

Apart from watersports, this shore is also a wonderful place for swimming, walks and relaxation. The immense area of the wide sand strip ensures a quiet and uncrowded environment. A popular boat tour location, the picturesque Kamchiya river flows into the sea at the northern end of the beach. The area is attractive for its campsites too. Shkorpilovtsi (BG: Шкорпиловци) is situated 40 km south of Varna and 35 km north of Obzor.

2. Sunny Beach

The 8-km-long sand strip of Sunny Beach, the largest and most famous seaside resort in Bulgaria, ranks second on this list. Sunny Beach is also believed to be the largest resort complex around the entire Black Sea. The beach here is 30 to 60 m wide and its gently sloping seabed makes it ideal for children too. This was the first beach in Bulgaria that received the prestigious Blue Flag certification.

The name of the resort indicates great summer weather and it doesn’t disappoint: Sunny Beach is really sunny, it has about 2300 hours of yearly sunshine. Loaded with restaurants, bars, night clubs, stalls and shops, Sunny Beach is the best place if you’re looking for a buzzing nightlife during your holiday. Sunny Beach (BG: Слънчев бряг, Slanchev bryag) is located 37 km northeast of Burgas and 27 km from Burgas Airport.

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3. Obzor

The aerial view of Obzor

Obzor’s sandy beach spans about 7 km and is 60 m wide. The continuous sand strip is only divided around halfway by the outflow of river Dvoynitsa. Due to its spacious beach, the town has become an intensively developing and popular sea resort with many hotels, restaurants, campsites and beach entertainment.

Holidaymakers can also enjoy the benefits of Obzor’s special climatic conditions, a blend of mountain and sea air. This is because the wooded slopes of the Balkan Mountains reach the Black Sea around Obzor, making it both a mountain and sea resort. However, as a result, the sea in Obzor gets deep quite quickly. To those who desire a large but not crowded beach, Obzor is a perfect summer destination. Obzor (BG: Обзор) is located 58 km south of Varna and 70 km north of Burgas. The town is situated 65 km from both Varna and Burgas airports.

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4. Albena

Sand on the beach of Albena
The beach in Albena

Albena is the third largest sea resort in Bulgaria but its beach couldn’t make it in the top 3. The 5-km-long sand strip of Albena has an average width of 150 m, the sea here is calm and the climate is pleasant. As the bottom is soft and gently sloping, Albena is a perfectly suitable holiday location for families with small children. The purpose-built resort has been awarded with the Blue Flag certification as well.

Albena is also popular for its mineral springs. The water sourced here is used for treating diseases of the respiratory tract, the nervous and endocrine systems and skin diseases. Albena (BG: Албена) is located 12 km south of Balchik, 30 km north of Varna and 12 km north of Golden Sands. Varna Airport is 40 km away.

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5. Golden Sands

Golden Sands is the most popular tourist destination on the northern Black Sea coast of Bulgaria and the second largest seaside resort in the country. The beach of Golden Sands is roughly 3.5 km long, up to 100 m wide, and of course it qualifies for the Blue Flag certificate. As its name hints, the resort is said to have the finest sand on the Bulgarian coast.

Just like Albena, Golden Sands is famous for its mineral springs and spas too. The beneficial health effects of the local thermal water have been known for a long time, even by ancient Roman emperors. The resort is surrounded by the Golden Sands Nature Park, the smallest nature park in Bulgaria. Golden Sands (BG: Златни пясъци, Zlatni pyasatsi) is located 15 km to the northeast of Varna.

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