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Last updated on 6 July 2023

Obzor is a rapidly developing seaside resort in Bulgaria with one of the country’s largest beaches, located where the Balkan Mountains meet the Black Sea.

The aerial view of Obzor
The aerial view of Obzor. Photo by Andreas M

Obzor’s sandy beach is one of the largest in Bulgaria, about 7 km long and 60 m wide. It is divided into two around halfway by the outflow of river Dvoynitsa. As its spacious beach can accommodate many tourists at once, the town has been intensively developing as a sea resort. Obzor is now a popular complex with many hotels, restaurants, beach entertainment and campsites.

The Black Sea beach in Obzor, Bulgaria
The beach in Obzor

Its huge beach is not the only reason for Obzor’s increasing international popularity. The Balkan Mountains cross the whole country and reach the sea in this area, cutting the coast in half at Cape Emine, 18 km south of Obzor. As the town is situated both on the seaside and in the mountain region, it has special climatic conditions with a mixture of mountain and sea air.

This exceptional environment, the wooded mountain slopes combined with the superb beach, as well as the climatic healing effects give Obzor the qualities of both a mountain and sea resort. Due to the specific geographical conditions, the sea in Obzor gets deep quite quickly.

Obzor's beach in the sunset
Obzor sunset

Obzor itself is a small town with around 2000 residents, but has a history dating back thousands of years. It was founded as a Thracian settlement almost 3000 years ago, later became a Greek colony of Mesambria, today’s Nesebar. After the ancient Romans took over the area, they built a majestic temple of Jupiter and renamed the town accordingly to Templum Iovis (Temple of Jupiter). The ruins of a Roman bath and the remains of a water pipe can be seen today in the park and in the museum of Obzor.

What to do in Obzor

Those who prefer mountains and fresh cool air, can enjoy the wonderful Kaleto eco-path (BG: Екопътека “Калето”) just outside the resort. It connects the northwestern outskirts of Obzor with the remains of a medieval fortress and has a total length of about 2200 m. The trail can be reached by a 20-minute walk from the center of the resort or in 5 minutes by car. Besides its serenity, the path features a 10-m-high waterfall and a mineral spring, guarded by a small bear statue.


Obzor (BG: Обзор) is located on the boundary between the northern and southern part of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, 450 km east of the capital Sofia, 58 km south of Varna and 70 km north of Burgas. The town is situated right next to road 9 at an equal distance (65 km) from both Varna and Burgas airports. The nearest neighboring resort, Byala is located 6 km to the north.

Quick facts – Obzor

  • Province: Burgas
  • Municipality: Obzor
  • Population: 2369
  • Postal Code: 8250
  • Phone area code: 0556