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Last updated on 21 December 2021

Primorsko is a very popular seaside resort in southern Bulgaria with two nice beaches and several wonderful attractions nearby.

The aerial view of Primorsko
Primorsko from above. Photo by Boby Dimitrov

The town itself resides on a small peninsula, the two beaches of the resort are located on the two sides of the cape. Both beaches are quite large, spanning over 2 km in length, featuring lots of bars, restaurants and lovely sand dunes.

The northern beach, located in front of the Stomoplo marsh, often experiences larger waves. Stomoplo is a protected area and has been included on the list of wetlands of international importance. Guarded by the peninsula, the southern beach has much calmer waters, making it suitable for family vacations with small children. The shore is gently sloping and shallow, the seabed is covered with fine sand. As both beaches are spacious, they don’t get overcrowded even in the peak season. Primorsko has a small water park too, Aqua Planet.

Beach umbrellas in Primorsko

Primorsko is one of the most favored destinations on the Bulgarian seaside because of the pleasant climate, its beautiful nature and nearby historical sights. It was declared a resort of national importance in 1953 and constructions began on a large scale. Today, Primorsko is still rapidly developing and is visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. Despite the fast development of tourism in the region, Primorsko is still a relatively small town in terms of population with only about 4000 permanent residents. The Dyavolska (Devil’s) river runs through the town and flows into the sea next to the southern beach.

The port of Primorsko
The port of Primorsko

What to do in and around Primorsko

The area around Primorsko pleases the lovers of nature and history as well.

Primorsko History Museum, located in the town center, exhibits artifacts discovered in the region from ancient times. Apart from archeological findings, the museum has an ethnographic collection of folk costumes, tools, utensils and other everyday objects from the past. The recently built museum is well arranged and uses modern, interactive techniques.

Visitors of the region can also enjoy the pure wilderness of the picturesque Ropotamo Nature Reserve, located within 5 km from Primorsko. The reserve covers the lower reaches of the Ropotamo river, giving shelter to globally endangered bird species including the white-tailed eagle. Surrounded by high hills, the river provides awesome scenery with landmarks such as the Lion’s Head rock formation and many small caves. Besides the hiking trails to discover, organized boat trips are available as well.

Ropotamo Nature Reserve
Ropotamo. Photo by Julian Nitzsche (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Beglik Tash, a prehistoric megalithic sanctuary, is located just 6 km from the resort. The Stonehenge of Bulgaria, as we could call it, sits on the highest part of Cape Beglik Tash, 128 m above sea level. It features both manmade and natural rock formations and even an astronomical clock made of huge stones. Studies have shown that the sanctuary dates back to the 13th century BC.

The boulders of Beglik Tash
Beglik Tash. Image source

Interestingly, the place wasn’t a tourist attraction before 2003 as archaeological excavations on the site began only in 2001. That is mainly because the forest where the megaliths were found was inaccessible for a long time as it belonged to the hunting residence of Todor Zhivkov, the leader of communist Bulgaria. Nowadays Beglik Tash is easily accessible by car and there are lots of parking spaces. It’s an amazing historic site where you can have nice walks or even hike down to the coast.

An eco-trail, named ’In the footsteps of the Romans’, is connecting Beglik Tash and Cape Maslen Nos. The 2.4 km long path starts from the meadow near the sanctuary. It is believed that there was a port at the cape in antiquity.

One of the highest rated beaches, Arkutino, known for its sand lilies, is located only 10 km north of the center of Primorsko. Snake (or St. Thomas) Island can be spotted just opposite the beach. The tiny island is part of the Ropotamo Reserve and was named after the large number of water snakes inhabiting it.

Location and transport

Primorsko (BG: Приморско) is located 50 km south of Burgas and 17 km north of Tsarevo along route 99. Burgas Airport is 60 km away. The town has good bus connections with Burgas and Sozopol.

Quick facts – Primorsko

  • Province: Burgas
  • Municipality: Primorsko
  • Population: 3365
  • Postal Code: 8180
  • Phone area code: 0550